Security Tag FAQ’s

What is an A-TAG Security Tag and why do I need them?

Property is lost and stolen every minute of the day. Unfortunately a lot of the property handed in or recovered by police remains unclaimed or unable to be reunited with owners. The reason for this is simple; there is no way for the property to be identified as belonging to its owner. A-TAG Security Tags solve that issue.

A-TAG Security Tags are a comprehensive loss protection system that assist in reuniting owners with their valuable property.

A-TAG Security Tags have multi tiered protection which includes a unique identification number, as well as a hidden technology which means that should the tags be removed, A-TAG Security Tags continue to protect your property.

A-TAG Security Tags work by combining the advantages of the internet, technology and simple communication methods along with the simplicity of ID labels. In a nutshell, place A-TAG Security Tags on any property you desire. If something is lost or stolen, the finder will only have to read the label in order to return your property and get a reward. Perhaps as important, A-TAG acts as an intermediary between the owner and finder, so all of your personal information remains personal.

What kind of property do A-TAG security tag’s protect?

Anything that is capable of being lost or stolen; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and can include irreplaceable personal items with sentimental value. For example:

  • Electronic devices such as televisions, digital cameras, MP3 players, DVD recorders;
  • Computer and business equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, external hard drives;
  • Sporting equipment such as cricket gear, golf clubs, skis, and racquets;
  • Children’s belongings such as games consoles, skateboards, toys;
  • Videos/DVD’s of your children and family, including video recorders;

How do I get A-TAG protection?

You can purchase A-TAG Security Tags from this site.

What happens if I lose something?

Report the item lost or stolen to police and then notify us via telephone or e-mail. Telephone 1300 654 278, Email:

Does the A-TAG system work for businesses?

A-TAG Security Tags are designed for business as well as retail customers. Mobile equipment such as Blackberries, laptop computers and other business tools carry sensitive and sometimes confidential data and therefore should have A-TAG protection. A-Tag Authenticated offers discounts on our normal pricing for businesses that purchase bulk amounts. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Why is A-TAG better than just writing my name on my valuables?

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly popular choice of crimes amongst criminals. A-Tag Authenticated guarantee that your personal information is not visible to any person. All of your personal information is contained within our secure database.

A-Tag Authenticated ensures that finders are able to easily return your property by allowing us to do the work as well as offering them a reward.

Other reasons why A-TAG are better?

A-TAG Security Tags don’t peel, smudge, or fade. A-TAG guarantees that finders’ and owners’ personal information remains confidential.

Lastly, if you change any of your personal information, you can update it online and remain confident that your personal data is not accessed by dishonest people.

How does A-TAG protect my privacy?

A-Tag Authenticated facilitates the process of reuniting owner’s property with them, but ensures that neither the finder, nor the owner will have access to each others’ personal information. Due to the fact that we are an intermediary, both parties remain anonymous to each other. In the circumstance where either the owner and/or finder want to contact each other, we can organise that where both parties agree.

Do A-TAG Security Tags deter theft?

While mainly facilitating the return of lost items, A-TAG Security Tags help deter theft. Police indicate that overt protection on personal belongings discourage “opportunistic” theft, make it harder to resell and aids in identifying owners of recovered property.

Once I have paid for the tag, are there any further costs?

No. A-TAG provides free lifetime registration for all items with a legitimate A-TAG.

Why would someone return my valuable items?

Most people, who find property, want to see it returned to its rightful owner, especially if it is convenient and easy. A-TAG makes it easy as our tags feature a toll-free telephone number, website and the offer of a reward as an incentive. What could be easier!

What happens when I sell or transfer my A-TAG tagged item?

You can transfer the benefit of A-Tag’s protection to the new owner (at no cost) by notifying us at of the tag number and your details along with the new owner’s details and we will organise the item to be transferred.

How do I delete a tag from my account?

All you need to do is to notify us at

How do I activate more tags if I am already a registered customer?

Return to our site. Sign in with the username and password you were provided with when you first registered. Click on the ’ACTIVATE MY TAGS’ tab and then either the ‘3 PACK ACTIVATION’ or ‘5 PACK ACTIVATION’ and enter the required information. Once you have entered the details click ‘ACTIVATE TAGS’ and your property is protected.

What kinds of rewards are offered for returning my items?

A-Tag offers all finders a reward of a Personal Pack of A-TAG Security Tags. This is cost-free to owners.

Can all of my tags be made with the same number?

Each tag has its own unique number. No two tags are the same. This allows us to determine which item has been lost or stolen. You will need to activate each tag individually.

How do I change the description of the item I have registered?

All you need to do is to notify us at

How do I apply A-TAG Security Tags?

First clean the surface you are going to apply the labels to. Place the tag onto the clean and dry surface on the property you wish to protect.

How do I activate my A-TAG Security Tags?

Log onto to register your details into our database. Once registered, you will never have to fill in your personal details again. Once complete you then fill in the required information for each tag you use on your property. Required information includes the unique number of the A-TAG Security Tag, the serial number of the property (if it has one) and a physical description of the item. You have completed the registration of your property.

NOTE: Each individual tag requires registration in this way.

Can I reuse an A-TAG Security Tag?

No. A-TAG Security Tags are designed for one-time use on one item only

Do A-TAG Security Tags work internationally?

Yes, in much the same way as it does in Australia. Finders outside Australia simply contact A-TAG through the website. A-TAG contacts the owner immediately. Depending on where the owner and the item are, A-TAG arranges the most appropriate way to return the item directly to the owner.

Will you ship my item for free if I determine where my lost item is on my own?

No. We only arrange for the item to be shipped free of charge in the circumstance where A-TAG’s loss protection and recovery service is used. We do not provide free shipping if the finder contacts you directly or if you have determined where the lost item is through your own means. Our primary service is to connect you with your lost valuables.

What is the Return/Refund policy if I wish to cancel my purchase?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your A-TAG service. If for any reason you wish to return or cancel your order, please refer to our Return Policy.

What if I sell a registered item or buy a registered item second hand?

All you need to do is to notify us at