1.  Why should I register my product with A-Tag?

Registration is the last step in authenticating your item. We have ensured your product is licensed and genuine and applied ‘state of the art technologies’.  Your product and its unique identifying features have been recorded in full detail in our database.  Registering your product is the final step of the authentication process and enables us to assist you in having your valuable product returned to you in the event of either loss or theft if it is recovered.  We will also assist you in verifying not only that your product is genuine, but also that you own the product in the event that you want to sell it.  This will afford you the best possible price for your product.  A-Tag registration is similar to registration of a motor vehicle.

2.  What technologies are applied to my memorabilia piece?

There are both overt and covert technologies applied to each item of memorabilia authenticated by us.  We do not publicly disclose our covert methods however one feature is the unique silver foil on the front of each memorabilia item which bears the A-Tag identification number.  This number is unique to your product and you must enter this number when you register with us.

3. How do I register an item?

You merely go to the ‘Register my Item’ in the menu above and completed the form then hit the ‘Register My Item’ button.  It’s as simple as that.  You will then receive official notification of your registration via e-mail.

4.  How much does it cost to register an item?

Registration is FREE!  There are absolutely no charges or hidden costs.

5.  Is my information secure with you?

Absolutely!  Our system is built on integrity and we will not pass on or sell any of your information.  You may elect to be notified of upcoming specials if you so desire.

6.  Will you authenticate my personal memorabilia?

Definitely not!  A-Tag Authentication deals only with legitimate licensees of the relevant sporting bodies.  A-Tag does not deal with unlicensed producers including companies or individuals.  Additionally, we will not authenticate any item that does not meet our stringent authentication criteria.  The benefit to you is that you can be assured that a product which bears the A-Tag is genuine and official.

7.  Who do you authenticate for?

Sporting bodies which use the A-Tag process have included the Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Cricket Australia, Football Australia and the Australian Wallabies through licensee companies Sports and Entertainment Products Pty Ltd (SEP) and Elite Sports Properties Pty Ltd (ESP).  A-Tag has also been engaged to authenticate memorabilia products signed by sports and entertainment personalities including KISS, The Seekers, John Farnham, Harry Kewell, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sewag, Harbijhan Singh and Sir Vivian Richards.

8.  What if I sell or dispose of my item?

Simply notify us via email of the change of details and we will update our database accordingly.

9.  How do I get in touch with A-Tag?

You can telephone us (toll free) on 1300 654 278 or contact us through our Contact Us page.


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