Security Tags

Property is lost and stolen every minute of the day. Unfortunately a lot of the property handed in or recovered by police remains unclaimed or unable to be reunited with owners. The reason for this is simple; there is no way for the property to be identified as belonging to its owner. A-TAG Security Tags solve that issue.

A-TAG Security Tags are a comprehensive loss protection system that assist in reuniting owners with their valuable property.

A-TAG Security Tags have multi tiered protection which includes a unique identification number, as well as a hidden technology which means that should the tags be removed, A-TAG Security Tags continue to protect your property.

A-TAG Security Tags work by combining the advantages of the internet, technology and simple communication methods along with the simplicity of ID labels. In a nutshell, place A-TAG Security Tags on any property you desire. If something is lost or stolen, the finder will only have to read the label in order to return your property and get a reward. Perhaps as important, A-TAG acts as an intermediary between the owner and finder, so all of your personal information remains personal.

Our system is very simple to implement. Just follow the steps below;

Step 1


Purchase your tags.

buy a-tags

Step 2


Your tags will be immediately posted to you after you purchase.


Step 3


Place ONE tag on each of your items.




Step 4


Go to the 'Activate My Tags' (3 pack or 6 pack) page and complete the form ensuring you accurately record the item tagged and the tag number.




Thats it - your done!  If you lose your item or have it stolen, contact the police and then us and if it is located we will arrange to have your item returned to you FREE OF CHARGE!


* PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, we only accept Paypal as the preferred payment method.